Saturday, November 1

Blue Gene Tyranny - A Letter From Home, the branching harmonies. White Button Moon.

"Improvisation is maybe too general a word to describe the musical approach used in this concert. Thinking-with-feeling-at-the-piano (contemplating, commenting, investigating sound with and without meaning or allusions, obsessing, and so on) is perhaps more to the point. Specific techniques are being collected in the on-going piece called The Time-Transposing Pianist. ... 'Blue' Gene Tyranny, composer and pianist of avant-garde music, has toured extensively in solo and group concerts throughout the U.S., Europe, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. He also played in teenage rock bands and for a gospel church. He has composed over fifty works for electronic, instrumental and vocal ensembles, over thirty film and video soundtracks, and fifty scores for dance and theatre productions."
UbuWeb (Video)

2013 August: Various – Lovely Little Records (1980)