Saturday, October 4

Lars Lerin - Arkiv / Archive

"... With an iconography that to some extent is new to [Lers] Lerin, we find ourselves in front of stern filing cabinets, dioramas and vitrines. With transparent layers of paint and characteristic technical brilliance, Lerin evokes images of human recollections and the physical manifestations thereof. Binders, folders, book spines and magazine files – the messy and the arbitrary, supposedly comprehensible and organized in apperance. Binders, folders, book spines and magazine files – iterations in the severe austerity of the filing cabinets. The pale umber of the aged folders indicate the passage of time as they stand next to the brightly coloured crimson red binders. The past and the present gazing into the future. Or, the sometimes washy colours of the binders that seem to imply that the very information of the archive is about to fade."
Lars Bohman Gallery
Lars Bohman Gallery: Lars Lerin Arkiv / Archive
Lars Lerin Museum