Wednesday, October 22

Guitar Slim

"No 1950s blues guitarist even came close to equaling the flamboyant Guitar Slim in the showmanship department. Armed with an estimated 350 feet of cord between his axe and his amp, Slim would confidently stride on-stage wearing a garishly hued suit of red, blue, or green, usually with his hair dyed to match! It's rare to find a blues guitarist hailing from Texas or Louisiana who doesn't cite Slim as one of his principal influences: Buddy Guy, Earl King, Guitar Shorty, Albert Collins, Chick Willis, and plenty more have enthusiastically testified to Slim's enduring sway."
Perfect Sound Forever
The Mississippi Blues Trail
YouTube: The Things That I Used to Do, I'm Guitar Slim, Well, I Done Got Over It, Story of My Life, Reap What You Sow, Standin' At The Station, Bad Luck Blues, New Arrival, Think It Over, Twenty-Five Lies, Certainly All, You Give Me Nothing But The Blues, Letter To My Girlfriend AKA Prison Blues, Sum'thin' To Remember You By, Later For You Baby, Quicksand, Sufferin' Mind, I Want To Love-A You, Cryin' In The Morning, Woman Troubles aka Bad Luck Is On Me
Buddy Guy on Guitar Slim