Friday, October 17

Final Cut: Ladies and Gentleman (2012)

"When a state subsidy is suddenly eviscerated, what’s an enterprising filmmaker to do? In the case of Hungarian helmer Gyorgy Palfi, a leftover post-production grant provided seed money for his delightful montage film Final Cut — Ladies & Gentleman. The product of three years in the editing room, the playful pic consists of quick cuts from more than 450 classics of world cinema, artfully collaged to tell a love story. ... Repping a master class in both film history and editing, the story is told via clips that last just a few seconds yet cleverly move the action forward. Men and women meet cute, take in a show, fall in love, have great sex, marry and honeymoon. With the arrival of domesticity, women cook and clean, and men spend long hours at the office. Misunderstandings surface; men turn paranoid, women dissolve in tears. War tears couples apart, but reconciliation — and a baby — lies in the cards."
Final cut - Ladies and Gentlemen
vimeo: Everything Is Festival: "Final Cut - Ladies & Gentlemen" (trailer)
YouTube: Final Cut - Hölgyeim es Uraim