Friday, October 10

Beautiful sailing ships at the South Ferry station

"If you’ve ever taken the 1 train to its last, lovely, looping stop at the South Ferry/Whitehall Street station, you’ve probably seen them—15 beautiful terra cotta plaques depicting a sailing ship on the water. The officials in charge of building the first New York City subway line in 1904 did a lot of things right. Not only did they hire brilliant engineers and planners, but they brought in designers to create inspiring decorative features on platforms. Ceramic plaques like these were installed in the earliest stations. Each plaque reflects something about the station’s neighborhood or history: a sloop for South Ferry, a beaver at Astor Place, a steamboat at Fulton Street."
Ephemeral New York
W - South Ferry – Whitehall Street (New York City Subway)
YouTube: IRT Subway Special! Re-Opened Old South Ferry (1) Station [w/ Minor Tour], New York City's Abandoned Old South Ferry Loop Subway Station to Reopen