Tuesday, September 23

Eugène Guillevic

Wikipedia - "Eugène Guillevic (Carnac, Morbihan, France, August 5, 1907 Carnac – March 19, 1997 Paris) was one of the better known French poets of the second half of the 20th century. Professionally, he went under just the single name 'Guillevic'. ... He was a pre-war friend of Jean Follain, who introduced him to the 'Sagesse' group. Then he belonged to the 'School of Rochefort'. He was a practicing Catholic for about thirty years. He became a communist sympathizer during the Spanish Civil War, and in 1942 joined the Communist Party when he joined with Paul Éluard, and participated in the publications of the underground press (Pierre Seghers, Jean Lescure). His poetry is concise, straightforward as rock, rough and generous, but still suggestive. His poetry is also characterized by its rejection of metaphors, in that he prefers comparisons which he considered less misleading."
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Silence in the writings of Guillevic and Beckett