Tuesday, August 5

The Well-Tuned Piano - La Monte Young (1987)

Wikipedia - "The Well-Tuned Piano is a long, improvisatory, solo piano work by La Monte Young. Young has never considered the composition 'finished,' and dates the piece as 1964-73-81-Present. A typical performance lasts five to six hours. ... The two have often collaborated on projects that combine visual art and music, including The Well-Tuned Piano. As an audience member at a live performance of The Well-Tuned Piano, one is surrounded by the, 'pure and intense color sensations,' of The Magenta Lights. These lights are magenta in color and are installed into the performance area and projected throughout the space."
Well Tuned Piano 81.x.25 - soundinstallationart

The Well-Tuned Piano 81 X 25, 6:17:50 - 11:18:59 PM NYC
The Well-Tuned Piano 81 X 25 (Gramavision) Press Quotes
Scott Hull on the Production of La Monte Young’s The Well Tuned Piano
YouTube: The well tuned piano [5 CD] (1987) 5:01:52

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