Tuesday, August 26

Muddy Waters - "Got My Mojo Working" (1957)

"My magic charm is working. Origin: In the early 20th century mojo meant voodoo or magical power, specifically one which gave the mojo's male possessor a sexual power over women. More recently, this has been extended to mean power or influence of any kind. The term was widely used in the US black communities at that time. In 1926, Newbell Niles Puckett published this definition in his Folk Beliefs of the Southern Negro: 'The term mojo is often used by the Mississippi Negroes to mean 'charms, amulets, or tricks', as 'to work mojo' on a person or 'to carry a mojo'.' McKinley Morganfield, a.k.a. Muddy Waters, would have heard work mojo as he was growing up in Mississippi. ..."
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