Sunday, August 17

Matt Weingarden - Dust & Grooves

"Matt Fine Wine, 44, lives in Brooklyn NY. He’s a magazine editor and a Funk & Soul DJ. collects mostly 45s. Q: What prompted you to start collecting? A: I grew up in Detroit and was listening to CKLW radio, a renowned, influential station just across the Detroit River in Windsor, Ontario, from about the time I was 5. The first record I bought was something I heard on CKLW and fell in love with: 'Ben' by Michael Jackson, from the rat movie of the same name. I was obsessed with it at age 8. Soon after that, I moved on from CKLW to the local great AM oldies station, WHND, 'Honey Radio.' I listened to that for years. The 45-buying floodgates were open."
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