Sunday, August 10

Keuschheitslegende - Pina Bausch (1979)

The Legend of Virginity, A Scene from Pina Bausch's Ballet - Helmut Newton
"Inspired by Pina Bausch’s Ballet Keuschheitslegende,in which life-sized crocodiles creep around onstage amongst dancers, Helmut Newton would capture a ballerina–quite literally–in the belly of the beast, taking the transgressive ballet just a step further. For Vogue China’s 10th Anniversary issue, Mario Testino would photograph model Liu Wen also interacting with a crocidile, however, in the contemporary version, the woman seemingly dominates the animal rather than serving as its prey."
Part Nouveau
Tanztheater Wuppertal
Bettina Stöß | Datenschutzhinweis
flickr: RasMarley

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