Sunday, August 3

Fela Kuti - Everything Scatter/Noise for Vendor Mouth

"Perhaps one risks charges of artistic insensitivity by saying so, but by the mid-'70s Kuti's records were becoming predictable and formulaic to an extent. It was a good formula -- played and sung with conviction -- and if any individual record or two were the only evidence of his work, they would be properly respected as important music. However, it isn't too easy to differentiate, in large degrees, between his numerous releases of the era that comprised two (and exactly two) ten- to 15-minute songs. These were built from several minutes of instrumental interplay between electric keyboards, horns, and percussion to a vocal declaiming general platitudes about injustice and African identity, with energetic contributions from backup singers. The two 1975 albums Everything Scatter and Noise for Vendor Mouth, combined on one disc for this CD reissue, have four such songs."
YouTube: Noise For Vendor Mouth, Mattress, Everything Scatter, Who No Know Go Know