Friday, August 9

Soundings: A Contemporary Score

Hong-Kai Wang. Still from Music While We Work. 2011
"MoMA's first major exhibition of sound art presents work by 16 of the most innovative contemporary artists working with sound. While these artists approach sound from a variety of disciplinary angles—the visual arts, architecture, performance, computer programming, and music—they share an interest in working with, rather than against or independent of, material realities and environments. These artistic responses range from architectural interventions, to visualizations of otherwise inaudible sound, to an exploration of how sound ricochets within a gallery, to a range of field recordings—including echolocating bats, abandoned buildings in Chernobyl, 59 bells in New York City, and a sugar factory in Taiwan."
MoMA: Soundings (Video)
Soundings: A Contemporary Score
[PDF] Soundings: A Contemporary Score
NYT: Going to MoMA to See the Sounds
WSJ: The Art of Noise, Explored

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