Thursday, August 22

Rudy Green

"Rudy Green (also spelled Greene on the label of some of his recordings) is not exactly a household name. Rock n roll fans may know him from his two wildest songs, 'Juicy Fruit' and 'Wild Life', which have been included on several compilations that claim to offer 'frantic', 'red hot' or 'screaming' R&R. ... Only two photographs have ever been published of Green, one of which shows him picking with the guitar behind his head, a stunt for which T-Bone Walker was well known. The guitar playing on Green's recordings shows him to be an ardent disciple of T-Bone. Rudy made his first, unremarkable recordings in Nashville, for Jim Bulleit's Bullet label in 1946."
YouTube: My Mumblin' Baby, Juicy Fruit, Wild Life, Teeny weeny baby, It's you I love

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