Friday, August 16

Essence - Lucinda Williams (2001)

"Between her well-documented determination to retail full control of her music and the plain-spoken willfulness of her best-known songs, Lucinda Williams is practically the working definition of a strong woman you do not want to mess with, but she reveals a very different side of her musical personality on her sixth album, Essence. Subtle and often stark, Essence is an unusually quiet and frequently downbeat set that depicts a fragile emotional vulnerability which rarely makes its presence felt in Williams' music; there's an unadorned longing in songs like 'Blue' and 'Lonely Girls' that's new and deeply affecting, and the leaf-in-the-breeze quaver of Williams' voice on 'I Envy the Wind' is as heart-rending as anything she's ever committed to tape."
W - Essence
The Graham Weekly Album Review #1242
YouTube: Essence, Out of touch, Blue, Reason to Cry, Get right with God, Steal your love, Lonely Girl

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