Thursday, August 29

A tale of restoration and the Masstransiscope

"When Bill Brand’s Masstransiscope, a zoetrope hidden behind a slitted wall at the long-abandoned Myrtle Ave. stop just north of DeKalb Ave., first debuted in 1980, straphangers could view it from the Manhattan-bound QB train. One of those things, it seems, is ready for a revival. After an extensive restoration that involved removed layers of graffiti, the Masstransiscope is back."
Second Avenue Sagas (Video)
W - Zoetrope
NYT: Attention Passengers! To Your Right, This Trip Is About to Become Trippy (Video)
Moving Pictures: attaining underground momentum with Bill Brand’s Masstransiscope (Video)
YouTube: Masstransiscope Debut, Zoetrope Replica Optical Toy Ancient Magic Toys

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