Saturday, December 15

UNCLE TUPELO Part – Thoughts On An Artist / Looking For A Way Out

"Uncle Tupelo was a short-lived but influential indie/country/rock band from Belleville, Illinois in the early ‘90s consisting of Jay Farrar (vocals, guitar & other stringed instruments), Jeff Tweedy (vocals, bass & acoustic guitar) and Mike Heidorn (drums). I didn’t become aware of them until 1995, after they split up, and they formed two successful groups: Son Volt (Farrar) and Wilco (Tweedy), both of which released their debut albums that year. In the early ‘90s, my musical universe was vastly expanding, as I was a few years out of college, working a full-time job and spending most of my wages on records & CDs. A genre that was just gaining traction at the time went by various names: alt-country, Americana and roots-rock among them."
Thoughts On An Artist / Looking For A Way Out - Part 1 (Video), Part 2 (Video)

2011 July: Uncle Tupelo

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