Wednesday, October 31

Jean-Serge Essous

Bantous, 1963
"Another monument of African music has passed away. Jean-Serge Essous (born January 15, 1935) has died in Brazzaville on November 25, 2009. He was present at the foundation of the O.K. Jazz, of Rock-a-Mambo, and of 'his own' orchestre Bantous and Ryco Jazz. His music and his orchestras have had a huge influence on African music, and maybe even on the music outside of his continent."
In Memoriam Jean-Serge Essous
W - Jean-Serge Essous
Rumba on the River
YouTube: Comite Bantous, Tokumisa Congo, Rock-A-Mambo, Mokuwa, Makambo mibale, Isabelle, Maboko Na Moto, El Manicero, Kumbele kumbele (1964), Annie teye, Loin du Congo

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