Thursday, October 18

Doug Aitken: Altered Earth

"Created by the artist Doug Aitken, the ALTERED EARTH App takes the viewer on a surreal and hallucinogenic journey. ALTERED EARTH was created entirely in one region, the desolate Camargue area in Southern France. ALTERED EARTH creates a distinctly modern exploration of landscape and the space between man, nature, and technology. The Camargue’s mysterious quality is the setting for ALTERED EARTH : a naturally sculpted land emitting a rough beauty and unique individuality. This is a setting where German bunkers are being re-claimed by migratory birds and African winds spread the Mediterranean Sea over shallow lagoons revealing salt mines that appear like crystal landscapes from another world."
Nowness (Video)
Doug Aitken (Video)
Doug Aitken Delves Into Land Art For A Digital World
vimeo: ALTERED EARTH 12 Screen Layout (Video)

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